How Firm a Foundation 2020

by Gloria Dei Member Kristine Oberg

When I joined Gloria Dei in 1989, I was a young woman in my 20s wondering what my 30s would look like, and today I stare firmly down the runway to 60.

One of the gifts of being at Gloria Dei for a long time is the opportunity to see our community grow and change, and to be, like you, one of the many people who foster that growth.

There are little ways growth happens, like planting the peppers and tomatoes out in our garden on the boulevard, and waiting for them to grow big enough to harvest for Saint Francis Basket.

There is the mysterious and wonderful process of watching the little preschoolers and third graders and confirmation kids grow in their faith—and grow up—with an opportunity to be one of their teachers or mentors or music leaders or retreat chaperones along the way.

We added a beautiful “new” gathering space that isn’t even so new anymore, but has transformed how we spend time with each other here between and after services, and during the week. And, while fixing our water and parking problems, we have grown a new rain garden outside that benefits the butterflies and our souls, and the quality of our ground water.

We continue to grow in how we work in community with our neighbors: our friends at Mount Zion, our West 7th neighborhood, those who seek shelter through Project Home, the people of St. Paul in need of the systemic changes we advocate for through ISAIAH, and the communities we are in partnership with in Guatemala, Waverly Lutheran Church and other places.

Fall is when we begin to think intentionally about stewardship, and how we will continue to sustain and support our ministries and the maintenance of the beautiful building that is our physical manifestation of welcome and community. Please join me in prayerfully considering how we are part of the growth that happens here. It is our gift to give.

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