Road Trip to Waverly Lutheran Church


One of our Gloria Dei partner churches is Waverly Lutheran Church (WLC) in Trimont, Minnesota. Over the past several years, Waverly members have extended gracious hospitality to Gloria Dei members, and in particular, our third and fourth grade students and their families.

Every other year, WLC hosts a Harvest Festival that we attend. In this rural congregation, a church surrounded by cornfields, our students and families get up close and personal with the farming life, which is a pillar of Minnesota life.

Many of the farming families at WLC bring their tractors and other large equipment to display. Visitors can climb on it and ask questions about it. Many small farm animals join the fun for everyone to admire, experience and learn about.

Waverly members provide a potluck meal for everyone as we gather together in Christ’s name and in our Lutheran heritage.

Anyone is welcome to join this year’s trip to WLC. Please RSVP before September 10 to Krystin Schwartz. Feel free to talk with Krystin or any of the pastors if you have questions.